Original Concrete Shelter

Only $4,795* installed!

*Delivery & sales tax are additional if applicable
Rock breaking and local permits not included


The Original is our most popular shelter model with a 6' x 8' interior and an affordable cost per square foot. Our shelters are manufactured in Decatur, Texas using 6,500 PSI, self healing concrete with fiber. They are ATSA certified to meet or exceed FEMA-320 Third Edition, ICC-500-208 and 2009 International Building Code standards. The self healing additives in our concrete will remain dormant for the life of the shelter but will activate if exposed to water and self seal. After self-repairing a leak, the additives will return to a dormant state and remain on guard for 40+ years and probably forever. The interior ceiling height is a bit over 6' 2" inches and the Original is designed for 8 to 12 people (although many more have used these shelters in severe storms). This unit is built using 3/8" rebar throughout on 9" to 12" centers with additional steel reinforcement at key locations for added strength. Wall thickness is 3" with ceiling and floor cast to just over 4". This shelter weighs approximatey 6 tons.

The Original comes with the following:

  • Two interior shielded vents, one 8" and one 6" diameter capable of moving 185 CFM with no moving parts and wind rated for 110 MPH
  • "Self-healing" concrete
  • Powder coated steel staircase with dual handrails and non-slip steps
  • Powder coated steel door with 4 stainless steel hinges and 3 latch points. FEMA compliant design with added reinforcement, a gas spring for ease of operation and a pad lockable handle with interior override. The raised, bolt on design allows for future replacement if ever needed and eliminates rain channels that can overflow and cause leakage.
  • 15 year limited warranty

This shelter is installed 5 ft. into the ground with approximately 2 ft. remaining above grade. The dirt from the excavation is mounded around the above grade portion on three sides creating a small mound and completely surrounding the unit with earth. Normal installation can be completed in about 3 1/2 hours. Rock breaking and local permits, if required, are not included.

Please note that a significant area is required to install this shelter. Our trucks are 36' long and weigh 26,000 lbs. loaded. They must be able to back directly up to the excavation to install your shelter.

Original with phone & electric installed


Electricity, Telephone, Etc.

Our shelters do not come pre-wired for electricity or any other utilities. These items can be added by the customer following installation if desired. We recommend using a licensed professional electrician or telephone installer to handle these additions.

For concrete shelters, we recommend having your electrician drill any necessary conduit access holes in the base of one of the vent pipes on the shelter. This allows for easy installation and easier reseal than a hole drilled through concrete. We have had customers who have had electricity, telephone and even air conditioning added to their shelters following installation. In some cases, a cell phone will work in these units but it varies by location.

Safe rooms can be modified for electricity and telephone by simply running conduit below the door.

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